Terrifying Tuesday

Today’s post is all about phobias, just because I have too many and want to selflessly share some with you. I even added pictures out of kindness!

Now, first we have the ever-so-frightening Claustrophobia. It’s hard not to be scared when in closed small spaces. Although mine


Yup, this is how I look when I’m feeling claustrophobic but have to endure it (Image-The Economist)

 is not as extreme as others’, it still bothers me like nothing else. Even just imagining myself in a tight space, like the trunk of a vehicle or a coffin(Surely everyone has imagined themselves in a coffin at some time in their life), makes me almost hyperventilate.

The next thing on my mental list (Mental because writing an actual list is too much work) is Coulrophobia. Clowns just exist to scare people. I don’t know how some people find them funny. Anything with a pale face, a round red nose and a wide smile that extends to the ears perpetually pasted onto its face looks inhumane and sinister to me. Although, after a quick search, I found that there might be good reasons behind this irrational fear.

the-stunning-beauty-of-diving-into-a-deep-dark-abyss-inside-the-oceanNext one is Bathophobia, which refers to the fear of depths. Just thinking about it raises the tiny hairs on the back of my neck. It is probably due to my Apeirophobia, fear of infinity. I’m absolutely terrified of the deep seas and oceans. How can anyone not be when they’re nearby or above something so deep that it resembles a dark abyss that might have malevolent creatures lurking deep within? Oh God.

A phobia that is related to the previous one and is equally as paralysing is the fear of abyss. I believe there isn’t a name for this phobia yet, and looking at the lengths of the names of phobias that have been made for the past few years, I have a feeling that there won’t be one for a few years more. Again, a dark endless pit, malevolent creatures. stare_into_the_abyss-wallpaper-1366x768

These last few ones were probably ingrained into my mind after watching, playing and reading lots of Horror. Sedatephobia is the fear of silence. To me, silence always seems like the calm before a storm or the wait before a jump scare. It’s hard not to get an eerie feeling when all the sounds of the bustling streets, vehicles or footsteps of people walking around just stop. This phobia contradicts with my introversion and leaves me here as a confused individual. And then there are these. Automatonophobia, fear of a ventriloquist’s dummy; Pediophobia, fear of dolls. And, fear of night vision. I’m sure everyone knows why.

Well, that’s it. Those are my phobias, although I might have more but just don’t know it yet. I’ve heard that there exist some surprising and funny phobias so I’m going to search them up now.


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