Musical Monday

This is a perfect time for this because there are lots of great songs that have turned up these last few weeks, or months(I don’t keep track). Also, by ‘great’, I mean ‘meh-not-really’ because complaining about things is what I mostly do on this blog.

The first one is Work(Explicit) by Rihanna and featuring Drake. Now, I usually like Rihanna’s songs but this one had me pursing my lips. The entire time, it appears as if she’s too lazy to properly enunciate the words, and I don’t know if I’m the only one but I really care about the lyrics in a song. Another reason is its second music video, which had appeared on the internet for a few days before rihanna-work-ft-drake_9191643-3411_1800x945

it disappeared. Well, I’ve already seen it so the damage is done. The appeal of full nudity in a music video is something that I don’t like and I don’t know if it’s because I’m a prude or just an old soul stuck in the body of a young woman. It does get catchy after a while if one plants the earphones in their ears and forces themselves to listen to it three or four times or, in my case, if one hears it in every YouTube video and radio station for a week, but this is one of those times when catchy doesn’t equal good.

Meghan Trainor’s NO is the next one on my list and I love the word so much that I keep saying ‘No’ to the song. Hahaha… Sorry, I’m so bad at being humorously sarcastic. meghan-trainor-vevoAnyway, about this song, for some reason it sounded catchy and cool when Pentatonix did its cover but the genre her previous songs were in was different than the one this song is in and I found it just not compatible with her voice. Is she now trying to mold herself into something she’s not, or is this what she’s originally about and ‘All About That Bass’ was not? Not to forget, the lyrics were contradicting with the music video. I’m feeling untouchable, she says while being touched by multiple women in fishnets. Why have such things become a necessity in a music video?

Next is – Oh, I might get a lot of hate for this… – Zayn Malik’s Pillow Talk. I was not, and still am not, a fan of one direction, not because rs_600x600-160128211402-600-zayn-malik-gigi-hadid-pillowtalk-bn-012816they weren’t good singers but because all of their songs struck me as the same and just weren’t my type. However, I was up-to-date with the whole splitting up news, via my lovely friends, and expected a bit more from this guy.  Hate is a strong word, I just don’t like this song. I tried to like it by listening to it multiple times but was not successful. It sounds so similar to almost every other song nowadays. And the video looked like its only purpose was to show his and Gigi Hadid’s relationship the whole time.

Surprisingly, Justin Beiber’s songs are not on my list. His songs are getting better and his consistency in the genre of his music pleases me, which is something I can’t say for a few artists out there.

That’s all for this post. Maybe there’ll be a Musical Monday II when more bad songs come out.



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