Scary Sunday

If you didn’t get the hint from my previous posts, I love Horror. Yes, I will hit you instinctively if you sneak up on me and scare me and, yes, I feel a mini heart attack whenever a jumpscare frightens me out of my skin but, as much as it is hazardous to me and people around me, I love Horror. So it’s only natural that I make this post to share the stories that introduced a fear of woods, darkness, basements and pretty much everything to me with you.

Have you heard the story about a guard of the Queen of England? If you have then you’re maxresdefaultmy kind of person! (Psst! Befriend me, I need friends.) Anyway, when I first read it, I was afraid to ever look behind me and I would widen my eyes every time I heard someone counting down.I can’t summarize the whole thing because it’s best when read in complete suspense. I have a fraction of the sadistic personality, don’t I?

If you’re looking for something even more realistic, there’s always the Search and Rescue series waiting to grab you. This is scarier than the others basically because this is a compilation of true stories. Hopefully, you’d be afraid of stairs by the end of this series.

Of course I’m not going to end this post without sharing stories that makes me scared of things in everyday life. ‘She’s waiting in the reflection‘ made me fear every object that reflects light, especially mirrors.’I’m a 911 operator‘ has made me terrified of ever opening my opaque curtains and looking out the window at night. This fisherman story haunts the front of my mind every time I get near lakes or ponds. ‘Correspondence‘ reignited my fear of creepy old woman. ‘Roommate problems‘ keeps me away from ever wanting to live with a roommate or to care about the mysterious disappearances of my food. Food, like happiness, should be shared with all entities of the world. And this painting of a story makes me jumble up words in fear and inch away from any kind of painting or hallway.


And at the end, I have a list of top 8 Creepypastas that I studiously researched for and definitely just didn’t steal from a website.

  1. Jeff The Killer
  2. The Grifter
  3. The Statue
  4. White With Red
  5. Where Bad Kids Go
  6. The Rake
  7. Candle Cove
  8. 1999

And that’s all! What a beautiful day it is, isn’t it?












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