Taciturn Tuesday

Being taciturn is kind of a part of being an introvert, isn’t it? The closer the adulthood is getting, the more I am beginning to grow out of it, but hey, a major part of me is still in the world of introverse so I feel knowledgeable enough to give you an insight on it (assuming you’re an extrovert of course. If you’re an introvert as well then join hands with me, brother/sister!)

The reason for a taciturn behaviour isn’t always introversion, but when it is, it’s not really that worrisome as most people make it out to be. People automatically link ‘quiet’ with a person who’s depressed and not enjoying life. I might be generalising a bit but it is true in most cases. They assume that something is thinking_about_food-740565troubling us at school or anywhere in the neighbourhood when we’re just quietly thinking about what we’d like for dinner. Honestly, more than half of the time I’d  be thinking about food and the remaining 20% would just include thoughts about school, friends, family, vacation and deep questions that can’t be answered by anyone.

But what if the person really is troubled, you ask? (Well, if you didn’t ask then you need to be more inquisitive, tsk)

The difference between a reserved introvert and a depressed or troubled person is that a reserved introvert choses to stay quiet and by themselves while a person undergoing some kind of mental trauma has the interest in being an outgoing person but is stopped by whatever is troubling them. The key is to talk to that person, starting with lighter and funnier topics and building up to the more serious ones, and see how they react. Do they talk willingly and laugh at your jokes? Or do they respond with one word answers or none at all? This is not a scientifically researched and tested technique – sorry – but it has worked before so why not?

Oh I digress. As a semi-taciturn person myself, I get a little annoyed when people keep asking me if I’m having problems, even though they meant well. So remember that next time you meet a joyful taciturn person, or if you are one yourself, high five!


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