Fashion Friday

I’m a complete disaster when it comes to being trendy, one of the many things my mother reprimands me about. Therefore, it only makes sense that I’d educate myself on this blog and share this with whoever reads this, because that’s what normal people do. (All my sources are on the Internet so they’re sure to be legitimate.)

  1. Over-the-knee boots image1xl
  2. Loose, leather pants 2016-black-velvet-skinny-long
  3. button down silhouette 2016-button-down-silhouette-matching-skinny-scarf
  4. slouchy overalls 2016-draw-attention-brand-new-silhouette-like-your-slouchy
  5. straight-leg denim , shredded at the ankle 2016-straight-leg-denim-shredded-ankle

Tip of the day: If your outfit doesn’t really look right, wear your shades and you’ll instantly look fashionable.


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One thought on “Fashion Friday

  1. youngfashionableandfree April 22, 2016 at 6:45 pm Reply

    Love it! Check out my new fashion blog @ –would be greatly appreciated!


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