Self Saturday-Overactive imagination

The fact that my imagination runs wild frequently has proved to be both a boon and a curse to me. Why, you ask? Well, let me list the times my imagination strikes me heavily.


  1. When I hear someone talking on their phone: If a person is talking on their phone, I like to imagine what they might be talking about and, unsurprisingly, it often leads to bizarre things that makes me question myself.
  2. After I finish a book: No one can ever feel good after finishing a book that they’ve invested a lot of time in, right? At times, I lie on my bed, look at my ceiling and contemplate life. So, to avoid this withdrawal symptom, my mind conjures up stories about what would have happened if the book had been thicker. This explains my ability to think of storylines quickly for my books.
  3. When I lay on my bed after a tiring day and with a smile on my face: This is when my mind stays hyperactive despite my tiredness and I’m forced to think about all the horror movies that I watched ages ago and about the scenarios that could happen when I’m in them. Not a thrilling experience.
  4. When I see something/ someone adorable or perfect: This is when I wonder what would happen if I hugged the life out of them, which makes me question my sanity.
  5. All the time: Yeah, that sums it all up. When I’m casually walking down the street and see a person walk by, I imagine what would happen if I just started talking to them randomly or maybe attack them. Or when I’m on the bus, I imagine scenarios where I’m a female ninja who meets their soulmate while on a dangerous mission. The list is endless.


Am I the only one? I hope not… That’s another Self Saturday wrapped up!


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