Tech Tuesday

Technology! Hurrah for that!

So, as usual, it was a warm day. The birds were chirping, the city was bustling and I was procrastinating via YouTube. Just a normal day. I kept clicking on the videos popping in the suggestions column, watching them one after another and looking forward to the cute animal videos that I seem to end up at every time, except this time it was different. I ended up in the technology zone of YouTube.

Just as I said in one of my first posts, I love technology and dreaming about the holographic future. Apparently, there are so many new gadgets and software being introduced that can just blow our minds (figuratively). And today, I’m going to rant about the ones that have been rumored to arrive or have arrived this year. Exciting! (The exclamation mark is not an illusion this time)

First thing I’m excited about are fold-able smartphones. You might be like ‘Ugh, people these days get excited if they see any type of new smartphones. They’re all the same!’ and you might be right, but the reason I like this is not it’s exterior looks or anything, but rather it’s functionality. I am the type of gadget freak who loves wide screens and can’t really explain why but also am always in a quandary as to where I should keep it to take it with me when I go out. And someone heard my pleas because this idea is out there in the process of being turned into reality. The rumor mill says Samsung is going to produce this one.

Next is HoloLens by Microsoft. Oh God, I can’t help feeling like a kid at a candy store. Hologram is the first thing that comes to a normal person’s mind when they think of the future. Now, the future is about to be the present. You know it’s official when there are news articles written about it.

And then we have a few special mentions:

  1. Zcan wireless zcanwireless_what-u-see
  2. Cleverpet maxresdefault1
  3. Slidenjoy maxresdefault2
  4. Galileo galileo-ios
  5. Push lyn8ihtcddpucr9nu3qo
  6. Ekko hub-by-ekko
  7. Ampl backpack 20150117145450-ampl_ks04
  8. Hoverboard hoverboard-electric-skateboard-0
  9. Artiphon 3043070-slide-s-6-like-something-out-of-star-trek-the-lego
  10. Batband batband_090915_05
  11. Zuta pocket printer zuta-labs-robot-printer
  12. Modulus smartphones

If these don’t turn you into a starry eyed blob then I apologize but we can’t be friends (Kidding, but not really).

And on this scary note, I’ll end the first Tech Tuesday out of the many more to come because there will never be enough.




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