Musing Monday

No, your calendar is not playing a trick on you. It is, in fact, a monday but I needed a Self Saturday to take my head out of the books. Yeah, I don’t think considering browsing the internet for an hour in between studies as breaks is a good idea either, but oh well.

Exams. Am I right? Little events that leave a big aftermath. I used to be good at my studies, until A levels happened.

Anyway, to untangle my thoughts from all that Chemistry equations without straying too far away, I’ve decided to change my unproductive study break into something… well, not necessarily productive, just a little less productive but you know what they say: Just a little bit goes a long way. Here are a few facts about exams:

  1. We can fail an exam that we are otherwise ready for if we become too alert or anxious while taking it. I have experienced it personally so I can confirm. A technique that helps me calm myself down is by blowing onto the pad of my thumbs. I don’t know why but it works wonders, trust me.

Fun fact: That’s the only thing I got from that one website. I went to search for other websites with examination facts but the Google search results came up with things like ‘Fun facts about women’ or ‘Funny examination answers’, which actually attracted my attention so here are a few funny answers by little kids that I wish I had the creativity to write when I had the chance.

  1. brilliant-kids-test-answers-7
  2. brilliant-kids-test-answers-10
  3. brilliant-kids-test-answers-2
  4. brilliant-kids-test-answers-33
  5. funny-test-answers-smartass-kids-10
  6. funny-test-answers-smartass-kids-15
  7. funny-test-answers-smartass-kids-25
  8. funny-test-answers-smartass-kids-23
  9. funny-test-answers-smartass-kids-30

Oh I had a field day with these. I don’t even remember what I was typing about before. And the very first Musing Monday is wrapped up. This didn’t really live up to the title but I’m fine with it.


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