Self Saturday-Life Update

My wild birthday appeared a few days ago. I’m saying ‘appeared’ because everyone had forgotten about it until facebook reminded them, even myself. Exams have been occupying my mind nowadays as they have still not ended. Anyway, as another year of my life passes by, I’m reminded of how I’d have to act independent and manage my own troubles soon. And I’m dreading it.

I got accepted into a few colleges in the US but not the ones I wanted. So then I had to make a decision: go to one of the colleges I got accepted into, which offered a heavy financial aid, or take a meaningful gap year and apply again with actual grades and not predicted ones?


Gap year sounds amazing but is actually terrifying to me. I’d have to sacrifice my procrastination life and that’s scary (Ahh!!). If having a gap year and not having one gave us equal chances at getting into a college then I would’ve definitely chosen the former one, but they’re not the same. In order to have equal chances, I’d have to spend my time doing something that contributes to my growth of knowledge even when I’m out of school. Ugh, decisions everywhere.

In other news, I’ve recently found out that I have phone phobia. I’m fine with talking directly with people but calling someone other than the people that I usually talk to is nerve-wrecking for me. That’s just annoying.
I try to force myself to do it but then my heart rate speeds up and elephants tumble in my belly, halting me. How does one overcome this?




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2 thoughts on “Self Saturday-Life Update

  1. Introverts Heaven May 29, 2016 at 9:18 am Reply

    Is it hearing your own voice cause same. Texting is a life saver! Also when it comes to ordering a pizza the internet is a godsend lol


    • Now, Lets talk May 29, 2016 at 5:21 pm Reply

      Tell me about it 😀 I’m so lazy and forgetful at times that the Internet is my only hope.

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