Abroad or Home?

Oh. Wow, apparently, now, when you post a Reddit link, the whole post automatically appears. Well, one step easier for anyone who wants to read this post (Sorry, this happens only in the editing section apparently. WordPress tricked me). Spreading awareness and whatnot. I was planning to duct-tape my webcam but decided that the person watching me would probably get tired of looking at me as I lie down on my bed with my laptop in front of me the whole day, and the only other thing they would be able to see is my lilac wall.


So, I actually had uploaded a post of an average length on Sunday that described what I’ve been listening to nowadays but, due to some standard errors, it got deleted. I’m sorry for that.

Today, lets move towards a serious topic (I know, I know. Adulthood is affecting me severely – oh God – but I’ll be back with light topics because I simply can’t stay serious for long). I’m going to note down the pros and cons of studying abroad and studying in our own country. This topic usually weighs down those people whose countries don’t have universities that excel in the career fields they’ve chosen. Wait, that should be my first point.

Studying abroad:

  • Good for those people whose countries don’t have universities that excel in the career fields they’ve chosen (Yeah, I copy-pasted it. Shh)
  • Great for learning to be fluent in the

    I googled the image for ‘fluent’.

    corresponding language (Imagine speaking something more complex and better than ‘Je suis baguette.’)

  • Expanding net of friendships globally



Aww, a puppy is barking outside my house. Hold on. Ah, I think the neighbours bought a new adorable puppy. They just had a baby. Too much lovableness in one house, dammit.

Anyway, lets continue.

  • Easier to get the dream job since the university chosen would at least moderately be known in the career field
  • Having studied abroad in a more developed place would secure an excellent job placement if you choose to work in your own country

However, there are many drawbacks to this. Well, at least, in my point of view, there are.

Studying in the home country:

  • Family is present to support you all the time ( Well, I think, not having to worry about laundry or dinner while focusing on the studying and fun part of college life would be pretty awesome)
  • Spending university life with childhood friends! (Well, assuming that you ever got along and are willing to stay together, that is)
  • Instead of getting to know a totally new country, the leisure time could be spent doing extra things to fuel your ambition

    Better that than this

    because you know exactly how things are in your country

  • With all the new adult responsibilities in your hands, it can be a little chaotic to manage things in life but you’d be able to do better than those leaving for abroad because, well, you have familiar people to guide you the whole way, remember?
  • And if you are a brilliant student then you can do your best to make your university well-known and better! (Patriotism doesn’t hurt anyone)

So that’s it. Please don’t chew me out for all the generalizations in this post because I’m too lazy to type a longer post. Did I miss anything? If you’re already an alumnus, did any of these points backfire at you? Do you have sweet ol’ or nasty college tales that you’d like to share? If so, please do and you’ll be doing me a favour of making this page a little less boring.


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