Self Saturday-Life Update

It’s been long since I’ve updated my blog and a significant amount of things have happened since then. I’ve never been the type to diligently write in a diary daily anyway – I probably have a lot of incomplete diaries – but the things I’ve been doing nowadays make me more tired than I ever used to be before so my laziness to do anything has increased even further.

First of all, school ended. Well, at least the school days ended. The graduation is yet to come and I’m usually not the one to think about what to wear for something which is two weeks away but, recently, it’s been on my mind a lot so I’m impressed with myself. I just handed in my yearbook quote, too. It’s not even remotely inspirational; it’s about sleeping and procrastination. maxresdefaultRelatable, right? However, I do wish that that shows that even if we get a bit lazy and put off our studies for other things at times, it’s okay if we know how to get back on the track again. That’s actually what I struggled with a lot for a few years. Hmm, maybe I should do a blog post on that.

The next thing that happened to my daily schedule is the formation of a six hour long period for preparation classes. I know, you must be like ‘What. You just got out of school and now you’re going to some more classes? Willingly?’. That’s what I’d thought, too, when my father first suggested it. But then I realized that that’s exactly what I needed. Over here, I have to wait more than five months to get my A Levels results and apply to universities, and if I spent all that time not studying anything, I would definitely not be able to adapt to the vigorous university courses, not because of my rusted brain but due to my fueled laziness in those five months. So yeah, my classes start at 6 am in the morning, which I’m not happy about, and end at 11 am, which I’m joyous about. Well, I guess we have to lose something to gain something at times.

I have a weird habit (or nature if you call it that). When my mind has to be focused on something, it tends to stray to subjects that are anything other than that. Trust me, my brain forms new possible musical compositions at times when I’m trying to focus on my studies rather than at those times when I try to think of them on purpose. So, with the heavy studies out of the way for a few months, I’m training myself to work spontaneously by that. If I think of a melodious tune, I leave what I’ve been doing and record myself humming it. If I think about a good topic to write about, I note it down. And if I think of new plot twists or features to add to my game, I include them in my scripts immediately. That’s right. I’m making a game, albeit a little one best-games-of-2013-wallpaperbut a game nonetheless. I’ve discovered how fun of an activity it is just recently. So, to push myself into finishing it, I will be writing blog posts on updates for this game. I don’t want procrastination to get a hold of me this time.


And that’s it. Things are changing a bit and, hopefully, these changes will help me be less anxious when other things in the future quit being monotonous and the same all the time. I have lots of other things that I want to do but no use burdening myself with them. There is a necessity for balance in life after all. Ah, I almost forgot the feeling of being relieved after typing it all down on a simple blog post. 10/10 Would do it again!




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