Mysterious Monday

I’m a person with extreme interest in mysteries, and I haven’t even watched Sherlock yet. Had I been a cat, curiosity would’ve killed me nine times already. Actually, I have all the perfect qualities of a detective! Well, all except long attention span. Yeah, that might be a problem… Anyway, today, I came across a Buzzfeed Unsolved mysteries video (This is the best series Buzzfeed has ever made and you won’t find any reasons to say otherwise) and then went on a video marathon. I was very spooked out but, thankfully, reading the comments made me feel better because apparently there were people who watched it at midnight. Sorry, I do gain happiness when I see people at a worse state than mine sometimes.

So, there’s the Zodiac killer one, the Biggie Smalls one, Tupac, some kind of Men In Black and a few more (or maybe many more I hope) and they’re interesting, although my level of awareness, cautiousness and slight paranoia just keeps on increasing by every second. It makes the rusty wheels in my brain turn round and round again. Why did the killer keep sending letters? Was all he wanted a pen pal? Why did the Men In Black allow Buzzfeed to keep their video on the Internet? Was it that they liked the publicity as much as any other business would? And, did you know there was a disease called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy? Yeah, I didn’t either so my knowledge is surely increasing.

And after a few… uh, hours of that (God bless my eyes), I got a reference to a page of that List 25 site that had some more mysteries to widen my eyes about. Jack the Ripper, Tamam Shud, some encrypted long verses which nobody has been able to decrypt yet, the infamous Loch Ness monster, severed feet in British Columbia and some more. The reason I’m not talking in detail about them is because there might be some people who have extreme paranoia reading this kind of stuff. Anyway, it’s annoying when the YouTube videos I mentioned before and this page covers the same mysteries but have mismatched facts, however, this could mean that whatever source they got the information from could be an unreliable second-hand one so that’s kind of good for the faint hearted. Of course within even our heads, there’s always this ‘Oh what if they target all those who watched the videos?’ and then if I try to ignore that voice, ‘Oh what if they target all of us who watched the videos and pretend we’re not scared just so they can prove that it’s scary?’ but, eh, they’re worth it. And you’d be lying if you said you don’t like such mysteries…

So yeah, that’s what I did today! Sorry, my life isn’t that exciting. But at least I know that all who read this will now be curious about these mysteries, read them and get scared at night just as I will. Muahahaha. (Being a macho, I’m-afraid-of-nothing kind of person isn’t allowed here, sorry.)

Well, that’s a Mysterious Monday wrapped up!

Side note: Honestly, that forest in the picture looks more enchanting and magical than dark and mysterious. But I love the picture so meh.



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