Talky Tuesday-Assisted Suicide

So I found this today. I don’t know how much of this is true but, if it is, I want to volunteer to voluntarily slap these people.

It’s a 9Gag post written about 24 bomb-sniffing dogs being killed because the handlers hadn’t been paid for two months and, hence, could not get dog food and treatment services for the dogs. There is a big possibility that they killed these dogs not because of the lack of medicine and treatments, but rather because of their desire to cut their costs, which angers me a great deal (Arghh!!), but let’s ignore that for now. Looking at this, I came back to thinking about assisted suicide and if it was the right thing to do, something I’d been troubled about for a long time.

Here’s what I think. Life is precious and something that you won’t get back after you’ve given it away (I don’t know why I’m saying ‘you’. It’s not like you, the reader, has anything to do with it personally). If it’s at a really old age then the hospital can take care of it, but if the person is at an age when life can get better, it wouldn’t be right to perform an assisted suicide. No matter how hard the condition a person living in could be, the thought of them dying and many traces of b22c027f406ef72d61673fa065b968c5their existence disappearing with them horrifies me to the core. Isn’t that scary? Is it just me?

And, since this is legalized in some places, the potential the authorities have over people scares me. But I’ll just trust them on this for now, I guess.

So yeah, this topic just randomly popped up in my head and that’s what I thought about today. It made me realize that I take life as the most valuable thing and the thing that I fear most is time. Well, I hope whoever’s reading this keeps on thinking about a vast variety (Can those be used together? .-. ) of things and discover more things about yourself and your beliefs and ideas. Although if you find that you’re turned on by murderous things, uh, don’t go further. Yeah, should’ve mentioned that before.

That’s a Talky Tuesday wrapped up!


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