Does it kill some people to use proper grammar and spelling? Are they too lazy to type with proper grammar? Are they so busy to not be able to check their spelling? I can’t help but have an annoyed but amused expression when they expect others to read their texts or posts seriously when there’s a bunch of easily noticeable errors there. It can’t be because they don’t know the correct form since posts about ‘your and you’re’ have been circulating the Internet for months and they still get it wrong. Let me show you some examples.


514370444Cannibalism is not appreciated.

english-grammar-on-signs-13Yeah, I hope all those slimy toads sneak into your building and chase you off to primary school.


1st- That’s a very difficult criterion to fulfill.

2nd- Now that is, uh, very different from what we’ve been having.

3rd-Ah, that characteristic of a human body that makes it excrete slime when wet. Everyone knows that. (Gross. I forgot about my strong ability of imagination.)


This one’s funny. I love how it’s in red and in a separate line. It’s like “D’ya hear me, lady? LOOSE IT. L-O-O-S-E.”

And then a few that makes you want to groan out loud even if you’re in public. (By ‘you’, I mean me. Why do I keep saying ‘you’? I don’t even know you.)





That’s all I can handle for today. I didn’t know it would be that frustrating when I first started it. Some people just form some extraordinary sentences it seems. The reason I’m so annoyed with this must be because I’m not a native English speaker and yet I am more comfortable speaking in it than in my own language but still, how does one not know where to put the punctuations when that must probably be among the first few things learnt in English?


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