Friendly Friday-Small talk

If you’re like me, you probably have trouble making small talks. If I meet someone without it being planned, I usually reach the extent of awkwardness.

*Wild person appears*

Them: “Hey!”

Me: “Oh, hi!” (An attempt at enthusiasm)

Them: “What are you doing here?”

Me: “Oh, you know, just… walking around. Uh, what about you?”

Them: “Oh, I’m hanging out with some friends. Nothing special.”

Me: “Haha, okay.”

Them: “Yeah.. ”

Me: “… ”

Them: “… ”

Me: “… ”

Them: “Well… see you later, I guess, haha.”

And then I watch them walk away, knowing that will be the last time I’m seeing them. I’d be lucky if the conversation goes further than that. I believe that ‘fun small talk’ is just a myth. I mean, isn’t it always awkward? Or am I just a special snowflake? People tell me I’m too shy or, sometimes, socially-inept and, at those times, I scoff at their faces and say, ‘I’m not!’. And I really am not. I’m just… awkward. Does that make sense?

Anyway, if you’re thinking that something must’ve happened recently to me for me to be thinking about this all of a sudden, you’re right. I’ve found a solution to this and it’s been working pretty well if I may say so. The solution: Big talk.

Well, that’s not really a thing. I just thought something with a completely opposite meaning of small talk would be called that.

Anyway, had I tried this earlier, I would still be talking to that friend. The conversation would’ve gone something like this:

Them: “Hey! Fancy meeting you here!”

Me: “Hi! What a coincidence!”

Them: “I know right? How are you?” (Uh Oh, danger detected. If this path of conversation is not stopped, it’s more likely that an endless loop of ‘How are you’s would go about.)

Me: ‘I’m good, good. Do you like cats?’

Them: ‘I do! Can we be best friends!?’

See? Easy, right? Good luck.



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