Self Saturday-Life Update

I graduated. Finally.

Well, I wasn’t really waiting for the post-graduation life but this event had created so much fuss over the past couple of weeks that I’m glad it’s over. The outfit that I had to wear was too much of a hassle for me to ever think about it again. However, the event in itself wasn’t that bad. It was enjoyable and I didn’t find myself thinking about my comfortable room even once. I mean, I’m not anti-social but I do like to stay in my room more than converse with people who have different priorities than I do.

Well, that’s not even remotely a big problem compared to this next one.

I’m so hugely disappointed by Pokemon Go. I did expect that this would happen but had hope, the very hope that’s been crushed ruthlessly. I downloaded Pokemon Go on my iPhone but didn’t find any pokemons in my neighbourhood! Y u do dis, Nintendo? You should’ve made sure that every area had at least one pokemon before releasing the game to the public! Isn’t pokemon a Japanese animated series? Why was it first available in the U.S. and not in other places!?  Just because it’s the most developed doesn’t mean you start neglecting other countries! So so disappointed, tsk. I should threaten them.

Well, yeah. I’ve some exams coming up so that’s a thing that’s about to happen. And, well, nothing else has happened. I don’t know why my mind had been so occupied by these things. Now that I’ve listed them down, they seem so trivial. Eh, well, that’s another Self Saturday wrapped up.


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2 thoughts on “Self Saturday-Life Update

  1. lostteenagerweb July 10, 2016 at 11:52 am Reply

    I don’t really understand how Pokemon Go works – for some reason i cant download it on my iPhone but maybe that’s because i live in England idk

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    • Now, Lets talk July 10, 2016 at 7:11 pm Reply

      Does the availability of apps depend on the countries? I thought everything was available everywhere :\ But I’ll just rejoice in the fact that there are others who share my sadness. Pokemon Go is lacking.


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