Friendly Friday

Friends. Ah, what wonderful creatures they are! They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Their personalities range so colourfully from level 1 to level Regina George. Fantastic. Allow me to tell you about a few different kinds of friends that exist.

1. The treacherous one: This is the one who talks animatedly with us when it’s just us around but forgets our whole existence when there’s a more popular person around. Cool, right? They know how important it is to stand on top of the social ladder and how useless true friends are in this world. Now, despite their awesomeness, there are many of us whose personalities don’t match with theirs so the best thing to do is to leave them as soon as you encounter them so that they get better friends.

2. The proud one: This is the one who thinks that they are the best and that they know all the correct answers. You might recognize this one by their infamous phrase ‘I told you so’. Easy to recognize now, isn’t it? When they’re wrong, they pretend that their answer had just been a slip of the tongue. In a way, they’re the human equivalent of a lizard, maybe? Anyway, the way to deal with them isn’t very different from the previous one. Just pat them on their shoulders, give them a sad and understanding smile and leave them alone with their little achievements. Oh, and do remember to take their horns away so they don’t toot it again.

3. The social one: This friend spends as much time with us as they do with the other people around us, so much that anyone would be confused whose close friends they are. Usually, the more they move around, the more rumors are spread. They talk more about others than they do about us and in such an amount that it sometimes drains our energy. Perks of being an introvert, huh? Well, if you’re like me, just send them away to a student struggling to be good in English class because they sure do love making up stories!

4. The your-opinion-doesn’t-matter one: This one usually appears in large friend circles because there’s no reason for them to be someone’s only friend. By that, I mean that they’re too awesome for that, of course! Caring, considerate , supportive and good at listening. That’s all that this friend isn’t but that’s alright. This friend always blurts out their opinions and doesn’t really consider others’ so I think a fun idea would be to lock this friend and the proud friend in a room and see what happens. If they get mad at you for doing that, yell out ‘It’s just a prank, bruh!’. You’re welcome.

And among all the people out there, if you find some rare gems who are significantly different than these ones, be sure to treasure them. Do tell me if I’ve missed some other special kinds of friends out. And that’s another Friendly Friday wrapped up!


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