RemTravels I

Alright, hear me out. This time, I have a valid reason for my absence. I was in these two beautiful countries called Malaysia and Thailand!

With my family members.

Twenty-one of them.

Crazy, right? I was so busy that for the first time since I discovered the Internet, I forgot about it. Mind-blowing.

Travelling is amazing! The places we visited were pretty cool and the pictures I captured, mashed with some of today’s best Play Store photo-editing apps, turned out to be so good that I finally made an instagram account.

Oh, my friends were the main reason of course. At least that’s what I told them so hope they don’t read this…

Anyway! I wanted to do an everyday blog kind of thing because other bloggers pull it off so amazingly but then I remembered why I had failed at these before. We’d be travelling the whole day and then I’d be out cold as soon as my head hits the pillow because of the tiredness catching up to me. Plus, besides one of them, the hotels I stayed in were so comfortable and great. I think I’ve been spoilt by the ten-day vacation.

Note: I’d stayed at Nova Platinum in Pattaya for one night. The service was fine but there were many broken appliances and objects in the hotel rooms and the other guests who stayed there were simply horrible. If anyone reading this is planning to stay there, I’d advice them not to.

And cue a short montage:


The Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


A mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (If anyone knows the name, please enlighten me)


The view in Penang, Malaysia


View at Cruise Dinner in Bangkok, Thailand


View from the Furnicular ride in Penang, Malaysia

And Safari World in Bangkok.






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