Tiring Thursday-Life Update

Saturday was a busy day for me so I couldn’t do a life update then. Everyday after that I was either sick or had to go somewhere. So, many things have happened. Some bad things that I have started to get immune to, and some good things that brightened my day up.

First thing’s first, here’s a YouTube video that I watched just before writing this. Although I can’t imagine what the subjects in those experiments had to go through, human psychology seems amazing. I don’t know how I got to that video since I’m pretty sure I was watching a cute baby video just minutes ago but I’m definitely not disappointed.

Anyway, my last exam was on Saturday so I’m definitely not happy about being sick just within 5 days of the exam. Very rude of the nature to put this upon me right now. It doesn’t matter that I’m a lazy person in general and don’t usually do anything stimulating anyway.

First of all, best of luck to the readers living in the US. Trust me, immigrant or not, you’re all going to need that luck someday in the next four years. Until Michelle Obama is ready to be a candidate for the 2020 election, that is. The trick for this election was to choose the lesser of the two evils but many people didn’t have that capability, apparently. They had their reasons, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be beneficial to them, but that’s where it ends. The Trump voters didn’t think about the minorities of the country who were just learning to accept who they are and now have to be terrified of what they are. I would be okay with Trump if it weren’t for the fact that during the elections, he brought out the racists, sexists and homophobes in many people and encouraged them to showcase those forms of stupidity to the world. Some people are saying that


Just a generic facepalm that everyone watching the elections did

I shouldn’t be upset by this because I’m neither a US citizen, nor do I fall under the categories that Trump is targeting (except being a female), however, I can’t help but put myself in the shoes of the millions of people that are crying for their safety right now. I know that Hillary’s a liar and all that but if we’re weighing the disadvantages of both here, can’t you really tell the difference? Although I can’t really say much to the people who voted for Harambe and some celebrities. Protest is good, but not without some intelligence, people. C’mon.

That was a bit of a rant, and I’m afraid that the next thing will bring more. I might’ve put an end to one of my friendships. Even though it’s a virtual one, any person who knows me can tell you that I take my friendships very seriously. I am usually incapable of being selfless and, when I’m caring for someone, I want that person to care for me too. He didn’t. He wanted me to adjust to his schedule but couldn’t compromise to mine. He blamed most things on me. He told me what he wanted from our friendship but ignored what I wanted. It was just too tiring and we’d started over and over again to give our friendship a second, third and fourth chance. But today was the last straw. I called it quits and, even though he’s blaming me for everything, I refuse to talk because then the fifth loop of everything we’ve argued about would start. Plus, I was sick, cranky and hangry right then so he definitely chose a bad moment to talk to me again.

The next sad thing is the new Toblerone. ‘Nuff said. You know what I’m talking about, right? Lays is influencing Toblerone to be filled with more air than the actual eatable stuff.

Lets move on to some good stuff now. I met up with my best friend of seven years after the span of a month or two. And to add to that happiness, I also had some great Japanese food. I would’ve gone for Korean, Chinese and Thai as well if we weren’t short on cash. Instead of indulging in some paid activity, we went to a park, sat on a bench and talked about our lives in the midst of the peaceful nature. It was amazing. Admittedly, it really would have been better with some delicious Asian cuisine, but I wouldn’t exchange that memory for anything else.


Basically, I’ve learnt that I might lose some people but, in every chapter of my life, I will have some people, both virtual and real, who dearly care about me. They offer me their shoulders to lean on and give me a good dose of laughter to forget about the bad things. I feel lucky. Or maybe I’m sentimental only because it’s late and I get a bit delirious at night, but that’s beyond the point. I want everyone of you to know that there are gems like these people hidden in parts of your life. Some on you might have already found them but the others who haven’t should be patient because patience makes the final fruit all the more sweeter, right? I’m pretty sure I read that in a book.

And that’s another Life Update all wrapped up!


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