Snarky Sunday

Would you mind my being a little snarky today?

So, I’m the type of person who can’t stand others being bullied. If some people are being bullied, I can’t help but try to protect them. People around me are always saying ‘Shh, don’t say anything. It’s not your problem.’ and I try to listen to them since I am not really the best fighter in the world, but always fail to do so. But I digress. This post is not about me. It’s about the people who have so much negativity in them that they always desire to bring other people down.

First of all, why is there an acronym for ‘kill yourself’? How often has it been used that the people decided to shorten it to three letters? If I got a cent for every time I tsked at the lack of humanity in the things I have seen this past week, I’d have enough to brag about as much as Trump does.

Anyway, yesterday, on a Buzzfeed comment section, a teenage guy was simply saying that he had social anxiety and has trouble in daily life and was asking if there was anyone else like him. You’d think all the replies he got were positive and supportive, but there were replies that said ‘kys’, ‘Welcome to the real world’ and ‘Get over it’. There were probably more but I stopped there. The question is, out of all the responses they could have given, what possessed their stupid minds to choose such dark ones?

It’s not the first time I’ve witnessed cyber bullying, but no matter how many times I’ve seen such comments, I’m always dumbfounded each time. Some people might turn their noses up and say that part of growing up is realizing that the real world is harsh and mean and that I’d have to learn to deal with it, as I’ve heard a million times, but ignoring or, sadly, accepting such things will only make people think that’s okay when it’s not. The only people who deserve to be hurt are hypocrites, really. ‘Go drink bleach’ is far from constructive criticism. I get that you’re jobless and have nothing better to do with your time but just refrain from seating yourself in front of your computer and writing mean comments with a grin on your face, jeez. (By ‘you’, I’m referring to the mindless commenters, not the readers. Dang it. I always do this.)

That’s another Snarky Sunday wrapped up! It feels like I’m forgetting sarcasm by being around too many nice people, ugh.


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