Wondering Wednesday

Question. Does an aeroplane flying against the direction of the Earth’s rotation reach it’s destination faster than the aeroplane flying along the same direction when they both have the same distance to cover? Hmm…

Anyway, MIT has another ‘10 Breakthrough Technology‘ post published on the web and I’m sure any technology enthusiast around the world will have read it by now. There are so many advancements in technology that it brings a shiver of excitement down my spine.And yet there are so many places of possible discoveries left unexplored. While on my occasional car rides to places, my mind travels to great extents and comes up with a lot of ‘what if’s, and, whether they be stupid or genius, I enjoy coming up with these ideas (and then thinking of the million things wrong with the ideas, it seems). Here are some possible technologies that I’d like in the future!

Disclaimer: Some of them might have already come true. I can’t keep track of all the inventions done every year around the world as there are many.

1.Magnets on the fronts and rears of cars:

Why? To prevent accidents. There are only a few countries in this world where all the traffic rules are followed. Mine is definitely not one of them. The roads are cluttered with vehicles moving close to one another, each cautious that the others don’t overtake them on the busy street. The slender bikes move through the narrow gaps between vehicles and get to the head of the line without a care because if an accident happens, the larger vehicle usually has to take the blame. The drivers in my country have acquired a higher level of road rage.

So maybe, just maybe, putting strong magnets at the front and the rear ends of vehicles can help by repelling other vehicles so much that it’d be impossible for them to come in contact? Of course, the like poles of the magnets have to face each other in order for that to work. And the costs of the strong magnets would be high. In addition to that, the strong magnets might attract other magnetic substances. Well… that wouldn’t be too nice, would it? However, I do believe that every problem does have a solution. So, if all these are solved in some way, and if the condition of our road traffic still remains the same, maybe one day this will be done.

2. Transferring emotions:

I don’t how far this can go, but imagine being able to, literally, share your emotions with others. There are machines to detect the emotions activated in a brain so maybe, hopefully, there can be machines made for activating certain input emotions in a brain. Just maybe. It’d be cool.

While on the same topic, why are there virtual kiss machines, but not virtual hug machines?



A quick Google search told me that Japan has already made one. Damn, Japan. Back at it again with the strange and amazing technologies.

And that’s it for now. I can’t force myself to think of other ideas but I can definitely upload another post for them so I’ll do just that! And that’s a Wondering Wednesday wrapped up! (Uh, just so you know, I’m wondering on a Wednesday, the Wednesday itself isn’t wondering about things. I knew I should’ve used a better pattern for my blog post names… )


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