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Tales Tuesday VI

Undercover V

Bar towards the left of Lincoln Park. Blonde, height: 6’4″, an eyebrow piercing, interests: girls.
The more I recalled the facts, the longer my frown extended. I took a bite out of my granola bar and listened to the video that was playing on YouTube.
“You need to initiate lots of physical contact to show him that you’re interested”, Julia, the seducing expert on the screen, spoke to the camera, flipping her flaming red hair back occasionally. “Try to laugh at every one of his jokes, even when they’re not funny. That’ll certainly make him intrigued and attracted towards you.”
I frowned before taking another bite. I took my jokes seriously so laughing unnaturally will be a problem to me.
“Do not appear too clingy or-“
“We need to have a ta-“, Hayden started, walking into my room, but stopped and narrowed his eyes when he saw me stumbling to close the laptop’s lid. “What’re you up to?”

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