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Stagnant Sunday

Current mood: Playing tic tac toe with myself. In a nutshell, bored.

Not a surprise, is it? Sure, I could watch YouTube videos like I always do but I’m not really up for falling down that rabbit hole of endless adorable animal and baby videos on repeat. Cue my rare appearance on my blog!

Now I could write my thoughts here but I’m in that pre-sleep trance like state so I doubt they’re anything intelligible so I will quote some awesome quotes for you. Personally, I don’t thrive on quotes. Some of my friends have a few quotes and phrases that they live by -none of them are ‘YOLO’ or anything similar, thank God for that – but I’ve yet to see or hear any that strikes my heart (figuratively). Anyway, I’m taking help from my trusty S.O., Google, again so here we go.

‘There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.’ -George Sand

Technically, that’s two, but I agree. Unless they’re missing the emotion-feeling section of the brain, anyone’s heart can be melted with love. How sweet is that? Although if you go on performing random acts of love to complete strangers and they call you a weirdo, please remember that I’m not at fault…

‘We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.’ -Joseph Campbell

That is almost exactly what I wrote in my last post! Can quote-writers get paid? I shall look into it. Anyhow, this phrase is something that, I feel, looks so easy to do but really isn’t. More often than not, we plan things out for the future and then get disappointed when fate doesn’t follow that plan. While a little planning is definitely necessary, sometimes being spontaneous can change your outlook on life and make you feel better so be sure to try that! At your own risk though. Just to make sure since people have started suing other people and companies for almost anything.

‘Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.’- Carol Burnett 

People can help you but the only person you can depend on is yourself. So be productive. Pft, you thought I procrastinated? No way! Hahahaha… haha… ha…

I’m so not the right person to give that advice.

‘Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.’- Norman Cousins

Ooh, that’s deep. Too deep. Mission abort. Lets stop that there before my mind starts swirling with far fetched, weird thoughts.

Four beautiful quotes for today. Hopefully, that brings at least an ounce of positivity  (Why is WordPress red-lining that word? Doesn’t ‘positivity’ exist anymore? What) in your life because I don’t think anyone ever reaches positivity (That’s right. I used that word twice, WordPress. Don’t tell me what to do) saturation. And with that, a Stagnant Sunday is all wrapped up!


Self Saturday-Perks of being me

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Did you sing that while reading it? I bet you did. By ‘wonderful time’, I’m talking about the end of the year, actually. 2016 is finally ending. Phew! I know that the 2016 joke has been around for months but if you really do a quick recap of the year and compare it with those of the other years you’ve survived, it’s really tragic. There were more political issues, natural disasters and celebrity deaths than I could handle. Not that I was a fan of any of those celebrities – I just gauged others’ reactions to the news and copied them to seem cooler.

One thing that I did care about was the start of the end of my teenage years. I’m eighteen now, and there’s only two years before I turn twenty. Ruinous, I say. I used to long for adulthood when I was a child but not so much now. It’s complicated and I want to savour every day until the last second of my nineteenth year. Better not think about it. The speed at which time passes by scares me.

I digress.

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Wondering Wednesday

Question. Does an aeroplane flying against the direction of the Earth’s rotation reach it’s destination faster than the aeroplane flying along the same direction when they both have the same distance to cover? Hmm…

Anyway, MIT has another ‘10 Breakthrough Technology‘ post published on the web and I’m sure any technology enthusiast around the world will have read it by now. There are so many advancements in technology that it brings a shiver of excitement down my spine.And yet there are so many places of possible discoveries left unexplored. While on my occasional car rides to places, my mind travels to great extents and comes up with a lot of ‘what if’s, and, whether they be stupid or genius, I enjoy coming up with these ideas (and then thinking of the million things wrong with the ideas, it seems). Here are some possible technologies that I’d like in the future!

Disclaimer: Some of them might have already come true. I can’t keep track of all the inventions done every year around the world as there are many.

1.Magnets on the fronts and rears of cars:

Why? To prevent accidents. There are only a few countries in this world where all the traffic rules are followed. Mine is definitely not one of them. The roads are cluttered with vehicles moving close to one another, each cautious that the others don’t overtake them on the busy street. The slender bikes move through the narrow gaps between vehicles and get to the head of the line without a care because if an accident happens, the larger vehicle usually has to take the blame. The drivers in my country have acquired a higher level of road rage.

So maybe, just maybe, putting strong magnets at the front and the rear ends of vehicles can help by repelling other vehicles so much that it’d be impossible for them to come in contact? Of course, the like poles of the magnets have to face each other in order for that to work. And the costs of the strong magnets would be high. In addition to that, the strong magnets might attract other magnetic substances. Well… that wouldn’t be too nice, would it? However, I do believe that every problem does have a solution. So, if all these are solved in some way, and if the condition of our road traffic still remains the same, maybe one day this will be done.

2. Transferring emotions:

I don’t how far this can go, but imagine being able to, literally, share your emotions with others. There are machines to detect the emotions activated in a brain so maybe, hopefully, there can be machines made for activating certain input emotions in a brain. Just maybe. It’d be cool.

While on the same topic, why are there virtual kiss machines, but not virtual hug machines?



A quick Google search told me that Japan has already made one. Damn, Japan. Back at it again with the strange and amazing technologies.

And that’s it for now. I can’t force myself to think of other ideas but I can definitely upload another post for them so I’ll do just that! And that’s a Wondering Wednesday wrapped up! (Uh, just so you know, I’m wondering on a Wednesday, the Wednesday itself isn’t wondering about things. I knew I should’ve used a better pattern for my blog post names… )

Losing The Book Lover Within Me

Just a few moments ago, when I, for a second, thought about reading an e-book for relaxation, I instinctively and subconsciously stopped my train of thoughts. I just realised that it’s a habit I developed over the years.

I love novels and e-books. I’ve always loved to read. When I started a book, I would keep thinking about the story. Even with Disney Channel loudly playing in the background, I’d still be wondering about what would next happen to the protagonist. Like any other kid, I preferred story books over course books, and so my parents would always scold me over that. They weren’t strict about it but just didn’t think reading story books would be any productive for me. When I wanted a book, I’d ask them for it only during the year break because that’d be the only time I didn’t have to study anything as classes were over. Maybe that’s how I came to associate reading books with something similar to procrastination.

Everyone knows how procrastinating feels, right? You feel entertained and almost addicted to the entertainment provided but there’ll be worry creeping back into your mind every other minute. You would love to continue doing it but, somewhere in the back of your mind, you’d know that your parents or who cares for you are going to feel disappointed, and that’d bother you so much that you wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy it and so eventually stop doing it.

That’s what I now feel when I open a new story to read. My heart gets excited at the prospect but my mind is too worried for me to enjoy it properly and I stop my thoughts immediately. And that’s terrifying because reading books is one of the greatest joys a human can ever get and I don’t want to be deprived of that. I will always have something or the other to do in life, so does that mean I’ll never be able to read a book properly?

This was an impromptu post but I hope at least one of you readers understand me. Without any books to read, my knowledge for writing my own stories would be limited and boring. I can’t lose one of my hobbies because they give meaning to life and make it more interesting. If there’s anything similar you’ve experienced or a quick solution to this, do tell me.

Tiring Thursday-Life Update

Saturday was a busy day for me so I couldn’t do a life update then. Everyday after that I was either sick or had to go somewhere. So, many things have happened. Some bad things that I have started to get immune to, and some good things that brightened my day up.

First thing’s first, here’s a YouTube video that I watched just before writing this. Although I can’t imagine what the subjects in those experiments had to go through, human psychology seems amazing. I don’t know how I got to that video since I’m pretty sure I was watching a cute baby video just minutes ago but I’m definitely not disappointed.

Anyway, my last exam was on Saturday so I’m definitely not happy about being sick just within 5 days of the exam. Very rude of the nature to put this upon me right now. It doesn’t matter that I’m a lazy person in general and don’t usually do anything stimulating anyway.

First of all, best of luck to the readers living in the US. Trust me, immigrant or not, you’re all going to need that luck someday in the next four years. Until Michelle Obama is ready to be a candidate for the 2020 election, that is. The trick for this election was to choose the lesser of the two evils but many people didn’t have that capability, apparently. They had their reasons, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be beneficial to them, but that’s where it ends. The Trump voters didn’t think about the minorities of the country who were just learning to accept who they are and now have to be terrified of what they are. I would be okay with Trump if it weren’t for the fact that during the elections, he brought out the racists, sexists and homophobes in many people and encouraged them to showcase those forms of stupidity to the world. Some people are saying that


Just a generic facepalm that everyone watching the elections did

I shouldn’t be upset by this because I’m neither a US citizen, nor do I fall under the categories that Trump is targeting (except being a female), however, I can’t help but put myself in the shoes of the millions of people that are crying for their safety right now. I know that Hillary’s a liar and all that but if we’re weighing the disadvantages of both here, can’t you really tell the difference? Although I can’t really say much to the people who voted for Harambe and some celebrities. Protest is good, but not without some intelligence, people. C’mon.

That was a bit of a rant, and I’m afraid that the next thing will bring more. I might’ve put an end to one of my friendships. Even though it’s a virtual one, any person who knows me can tell you that I take my friendships very seriously. I am usually incapable of being selfless and, when I’m caring for someone, I want that person to care for me too. He didn’t. He wanted me to adjust to his schedule but couldn’t compromise to mine. He blamed most things on me. He told me what he wanted from our friendship but ignored what I wanted. It was just too tiring and we’d started over and over again to give our friendship a second, third and fourth chance. But today was the last straw. I called it quits and, even though he’s blaming me for everything, I refuse to talk because then the fifth loop of everything we’ve argued about would start. Plus, I was sick, cranky and hangry right then so he definitely chose a bad moment to talk to me again.

The next sad thing is the new Toblerone. ‘Nuff said. You know what I’m talking about, right? Lays is influencing Toblerone to be filled with more air than the actual eatable stuff.

Lets move on to some good stuff now. I met up with my best friend of seven years after the span of a month or two. And to add to that happiness, I also had some great Japanese food. I would’ve gone for Korean, Chinese and Thai as well if we weren’t short on cash. Instead of indulging in some paid activity, we went to a park, sat on a bench and talked about our lives in the midst of the peaceful nature. It was amazing. Admittedly, it really would have been better with some delicious Asian cuisine, but I wouldn’t exchange that memory for anything else.


Basically, I’ve learnt that I might lose some people but, in every chapter of my life, I will have some people, both virtual and real, who dearly care about me. They offer me their shoulders to lean on and give me a good dose of laughter to forget about the bad things. I feel lucky. Or maybe I’m sentimental only because it’s late and I get a bit delirious at night, but that’s beyond the point. I want everyone of you to know that there are gems like these people hidden in parts of your life. Some on you might have already found them but the others who haven’t should be patient because patience makes the final fruit all the more sweeter, right? I’m pretty sure I read that in a book.

And that’s another Life Update all wrapped up!

RemTravels I

Alright, hear me out. This time, I have a valid reason for my absence. I was in these two beautiful countries called Malaysia and Thailand!

With my family members.

Twenty-one of them.

Crazy, right? I was so busy that for the first time since I discovered the Internet, I forgot about it. Mind-blowing.

Travelling is amazing! The places we visited were pretty cool and the pictures I captured, mashed with some of today’s best Play Store photo-editing apps, turned out to be so good that I finally made an instagram account.

Oh, my friends were the main reason of course. At least that’s what I told them so hope they don’t read this…

Anyway! I wanted to do an everyday blog kind of thing because other bloggers pull it off so amazingly but then I remembered why I had failed at these before. We’d be travelling the whole day and then I’d be out cold as soon as my head hits the pillow because of the tiredness catching up to me. Plus, besides one of them, the hotels I stayed in were so comfortable and great. I think I’ve been spoilt by the ten-day vacation.

Note: I’d stayed at Nova Platinum in Pattaya for one night. The service was fine but there were many broken appliances and objects in the hotel rooms and the other guests who stayed there were simply horrible. If anyone reading this is planning to stay there, I’d advice them not to.

And cue a short montage:


The Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


A mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (If anyone knows the name, please enlighten me)


The view in Penang, Malaysia


View at Cruise Dinner in Bangkok, Thailand


View from the Furnicular ride in Penang, Malaysia

And Safari World in Bangkok.





Self Sunday-Life Update

It’s been so long! I should be updating more frequently but it’s a hectic period right now. So, things have happened. Significant things.

I found out that I, along with a few other people, had been catfished by a girl claiming to be a guy, and it took quite a while for me to find that out. Had a friend of mine not sneaked through that person’s profile on Wattpad, we wouldn’t have known. I felt stupid and betrayed, sure, but I feel relieved that I was wise enough to not give out any information to that person. In a way, it’s sad that, for some reason, the person had to pretend to be someone else to be comfortable. I wanted to be understanding, forgiving, considerate and talk to her in a private chat about it but I found out that she’d blocked everyone of us so I was like ‘Eh, eff it’ and spread her username out to other people on the site with a disclaimer that emphasized her lack of honesty. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me feel good. If anyone reading this likes to pretend to be someone else, don’t. It’s not worth it and you’re better off being yourself than a clone of others.

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