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Self Saturday-Perks of being me

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Did you sing that while reading it? I bet you did. By ‘wonderful time’, I’m talking about the end of the year, actually. 2016 is finally ending. Phew! I know that the 2016 joke has been around for months but if you really do a quick recap of the year and compare it with those of the other years you’ve survived, it’s really tragic. There were more political issues, natural disasters and celebrity deaths than I could handle. Not that I was a fan of any of those celebrities – I just gauged others’ reactions to the news and copied them to seem cooler.

One thing that I did care about was the start of the end of my teenage years. I’m eighteen now, and there’s only two years before I turn twenty. Ruinous, I say. I used to long for adulthood when I was a child but not so much now. It’s complicated and I want to savour every day until the last second of my nineteenth year. Better not think about it. The speed at which time passes by scares me.

I digress.

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Self Saturday-Life Update

I graduated. Finally.

Well, I wasn’t really waiting for the post-graduation life but this event had created so much fuss over the past couple of weeks that I’m glad it’s over. The outfit that I had to wear was too much of a hassle for me to ever think about it again. However, the event in itself wasn’t that bad. It was enjoyable and I didn’t find myself thinking about my comfortable room even once. I mean, I’m not anti-social but I do like to stay in my room more than converse with people who have different priorities than I do.

Well, that’s not even remotely a big problem compared to this next one.

I’m so hugely disappointed by Pokemon Go. I did expect that this would happen but had hope, the very hope that’s been crushed ruthlessly. I downloaded Pokemon Go on my iPhone but didn’t find any pokemons in my neighbourhood! Y u do dis, Nintendo? You should’ve made sure that every area had at least one pokemon before releasing the game to the public! Isn’t pokemon a Japanese animated series? Why was it first available in the U.S. and not in other places!?  Just because it’s the most developed doesn’t mean you start neglecting other countries! So so disappointed, tsk. I should threaten them.

Well, yeah. I’ve some exams coming up so that’s a thing that’s about to happen. And, well, nothing else has happened. I don’t know why my mind had been so occupied by these things. Now that I’ve listed them down, they seem so trivial. Eh, well, that’s another Self Saturday wrapped up.

Self Saturday-Life Update

It’s been long since I’ve updated my blog and a significant amount of things have happened since then. I’ve never been the type to diligently write in a diary daily anyway – I probably have a lot of incomplete diaries – but the things I’ve been doing nowadays make me more tired than I ever used to be before so my laziness to do anything has increased even further.

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Self Saturday-Life Update

My wild birthday appeared a few days ago. I’m saying ‘appeared’ because everyone had forgotten about it until facebook reminded them, even myself. Exams have been occupying my mind nowadays as they have still not ended. Anyway, as another year of my life passes by, I’m reminded of how I’d have to act independent and manage my own troubles soon. And I’m dreading it.

I got accepted into a few colleges in the US but not the ones I wanted. So then I had to make a decision: go to one of the colleges I got accepted into, which offered a heavy financial aid, or take a meaningful gap year and apply again with actual grades and not predicted ones?

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Self Saturday-Super power

I believe in super powers. I think everyone has them but they just keep it to themselves, either because they’ve seen lots of such movies and want to keep a secret just like in them or because they’re too embarrassed. But, hey, I’ll let you in on my secret.

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Self Saturday-Overactive imagination

The fact that my imagination runs wild frequently has proved to be both a boon and a curse to me. Why, you ask? Well, let me list the times my imagination strikes me heavily.


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Self Saturday-Pet Peeves

Exams are drawing near so this week was just a hectic week of cramming. Made a schedule for my self-studies, set it up as the wallpaper of my laptop and nodded at it in determination. I didn’t really follow the schedule though; I’m a victim of procrastination and I can’t help it.

But that’s not what today’s blog post is about, no. It’s about those teeny tiny things people around me do that make me grit my teeth and want to slap their heads upside down, and I’m not even a being of violence. This is going to be quite a rant.

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