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Losing The Book Lover Within Me

Just a few moments ago, when I, for a second, thought about reading an e-book for relaxation, I instinctively and subconsciously stopped my train of thoughts. I just realised that it’s a habit I developed over the years.

I love novels and e-books. I’ve always loved to read. When I started a book, I would keep thinking about the story. Even with Disney Channel loudly playing in the background, I’d still be wondering about what would next happen to the protagonist. Like any other kid, I preferred story books over course books, and so my parents would always scold me over that. They weren’t strict about it but just didn’t think reading story books would be any productive for me. When I wanted a book, I’d ask them for it only during the year break because that’d be the only time I didn’t have to study anything as classes were over. Maybe that’s how I came to associate reading books with something similar to procrastination.

Everyone knows how procrastinating feels, right? You feel entertained and almost addicted to the entertainment provided but there’ll be worry creeping back into your mind every other minute. You would love to continue doing it but, somewhere in the back of your mind, you’d know that your parents or who cares for you are going to feel disappointed, and that’d bother you so much that you wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy it and so eventually stop doing it.

That’s what I now feel when I open a new story to read. My heart gets excited at the prospect but my mind is too worried for me to enjoy it properly and I stop my thoughts immediately. And that’s terrifying because reading books is one of the greatest joys a human can ever get and I don’t want to be deprived of that. I will always have something or the other to do in life, so does that mean I’ll never be able to read a book properly?

This was an impromptu post but I hope at least one of you readers understand me. Without any books to read, my knowledge for writing my own stories would be limited and boring. I can’t lose one of my hobbies because they give meaning to life and make it more interesting. If there’s anything similar you’ve experienced or a quick solution to this, do tell me.


A word of encouragement

Sometimes, I feel like everything I do is wrong. And even when I don’t feel that way, I do feel uncertain in every step that I’m taking. The reason I don’t particularly get depressed is probably because of the words of encouragement that my parents give me from time to time. It’s not anything serious. It’s just that time in my life where I’m supposed to start taking decisions for myself and, sometimes, it gets overwhelming.

An empty mind is truly a devil’s workshop. When my mind is not occupied by entertaining things, it goes to slightly negative thoughts. I’ve even had a few sudden breakdowns that ended up with me feeling that I’d never succeed in things and whatever path I take is going to be a risky one, and I remember that all that I wanted in that moment was for someone to assure me that I was doing fine.

I thought that if I’m feeling this way at times, there must be other people who’ve had such thoughts across their minds. This may be sudden and strange but I just want to say (or rather type) that you, the reader are doing fine in your life, being the best you you can ever be, and there might be some obstacles that take a few days, months or years to overcome but you’ll get to the highest point you wish to get. You can take advice from the world to better yourself, make slight adjustments to your ultimate goal, but don’t let the world make you lose confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself until the end because, stranger, even if I don’t know you personally, I believe in you and your ability to succeed and make an irreplaceable place in the world for yourself.

Note: Oh, but, uh, ignore this post if your dreams are a bit on the harmful side, yeah? I probably shouldn’t have written that…

Wander-on Wednesday

So apparently, I had accidently subscribed to a Facebook page that posts pictures of nature and I absolutely don’t regret it. I’m the epitome of laziness and yet a person who’s always excited at the prospect of travelling. So I can’t not share those beautiful pictures on my blog; they’re too amazing to be kept to one person. Here are a few of the pictures which always capture my attention.


Venice, Italy. The place that’s on the very top of my list. I wouldn’t let go of travelling until I visit this place. It’s just so beautiful, ugh.


Switzerland. The entire country is so similar to my own country but much better. It looks like a gateway to a peaceful land. I think I’d be happy to just walk around the neighbourhoods even without any specific and carefully planned visit schedule.


Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. It doesn’t snow in my country. At all. So, this place, with all its majestic structure, really captivates me. I don’t know if it is possible to go there but going to such a place would be such a pleasure for me. Plus, maybe the little German I learnt a few years ago on an app would finally come in handy!


Halong Bay, Vietnam. This is one of the places my father always talks about. He says that it’s soothing just to be there and it really does look like it. Honestly, I think I’ve chosen the wrong picture because this doesn’t express much, but others look amazing.

Japan. The countryside and the cities both entrance me equally. The countrysides and lesser populated places, because of several anime series and the cities, because of the newest versions of technology found in the everyday streets. Aside from the language barrier, I don’t think a trip to Japan can ever go wrong. I mean, they even know how to deal with earthquakes, which would very educational for my country at this time.

And that’s it for my list. Actually, there’s Australia as well but I don’t think I know much about that place yet. And the reason I didn’t include some other fabulous places might be either because it’s too hot there for me to think about it, too crowded and full or buildings or it’s a place I’ve never heard of.

This was such a good post to do. It was like a Yiruma’s piano piece made especially for my eyes. A eyegasm, if I may say so. And, with that, the very first Wander-on Wednesday, of the many more to come, is all wrapped up!