Game Updates

26th June, 2016

It’s not the first day of the development process of this teeny weeny amateur game but it’s definitely the first day of writing it all down. So here’s the rundown: It’s a horror game, because I love horror RPGs, and hopefully it will be scary. Usually I’m the expert at getting scared by things and people who aren’t even out there to scare me so this will be a challenge. The protagonist is a girl who has to save her boyfriend from getting sucked into the world of emptiness like the antagonists had been once. It’s a 2D since this is just a one-girl company. It’s all being made in Unity and so far, I think, Unity is very easy and efficient.

I’ve made one animation and four scenes so far. What’s left is a total of eight scenes and lots of scripts. Hopefully, I can get it done in a month. Be sure to applaud for me on this success if I do do it. Or, well, if nobody is reading this then… I’ll just… give myself a pat on the back, I guess.

28th June, 2016

So, today, I started learning code for importing text dialogues into the game which, considering that it’s in a language that I’ve never tried before, fairly easy.

2nd July, 2016

I made a new scene so I have about four more to make now (actually, could be more than that). And a significant progress that I made today was that I wrote scripts for the player to move from one scene to the other. Wazah! (No, that was stupid of me. Sorry.)

1st September, 2016

Holy crap, this update is late. I never was good at keeping diaries. I have two handfuls of diaries that have more than half of their total pages empty and developing cobwebs over the years. I had a few exams that attacked me all of a sudden so I couldn’t keep up with the schedule I made. However, I’ve managed to finish the main menu, options menu, level select page, the music and sounds and the first level aesthetics. Now, all I need to finish is the animation and some scripts and it’ll be up on Android. (I’ve got a new phone, the first one which is not an iPhone, and it feels like I’ve been introduced to a whole new world.)


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